The Core essentials of Hatha Yoga World

The Core Essence of Hatha Yoga World

Questions & Answers with Pankaj (Director of Hatha Yoga World)

Hatha Yoga World


Q: Why did you open your school Hatha Yoga World?

A: I practice Hatha Yoga myself, and I wanted to teach people about yoga in teacher training so that these people can teach others and spread yoga.

Q: How is your yoga school different from others?

A: I believe in quality. I practice everyday myself, and I teach what I know and understand about yoga. I have spent my whole life practicing teaching, and I still teach classes at my school personally.

Q: Why do you teach the style of Hatha Yoga?

A: Hatha is the oldest style of yoga. Hatha Yoga helped me improve physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is true yoga for me and what I believe in.

Q: What does Yoga mean to you?

A: Practice. Yoga is nothing without practice.

Q: What does your yoga practice look like?

A: I practice every morning.

Q: What do you want people to experience and leave with from your school?

A: I want people to have the feeling and understanding of yoga.

Pankaj (Founder)About Pankaj

Pankaj is the founder of Hatha Yoga World and head teacher in the courses conducted at his yoga school. At just 13 years old, Pankaj began practicing yoga in the city where he was born, the holy city of Varanasi. When he turned 15, he began teaching and sharing the knowledge of Yoga. His teachings are inspired by the Bihar School of Yoga, where he completed his first yoga training. He spent many years with his guru to experience the yogic lifestyle. Later in his life, Pankaj participated in yoga championships, where contestants demonstrated transitions, skills, and alignment in yoga postures. In 2003 and 2006, Pankaj won the Yoga Championship in Varanasi, held by the All India Cultural Association.

Pankaj developed a passion for proper alignment in asanas, and Pankaj now teaches Hatha Yoga focusing on hand adjustments and alignment. His teaching style allows his students to experience the full benefits of the asanas. Pankaj began working with foreigners in 2003 and dramatically understands the imbalances in the modern human mind and body. He challenges his students to overcome mental and physical blockages through yoga, which leads to a harmonious daily life.

Pankaj is a registered E-RYT 500 yoga instructor. Since 2003 Hatha Yoga World has been a registered organization of the Govt of India and now with Yoga Alliance USA, which means certificates provided will be valid worldwide.

Registered Yoga Alliance USA