Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions & Information of our Yoga Teacher Training and retreats

What kind of yoga will we study?

Our program covers all areas of yoga. We consider all the foundations and principles of yogic science. Yoga as a subject is extensive and includes many traditions and styles. We will consider the maximum number of its facets, helping to give an idea of ​​the range of its disciplines. Our training is the perfect balance between practice and theory. Our yoga course will help you improve your physical and spiritual strength. Our teachers are well versed in all areas of yogic sciences.

Is there a language barrier for those wishing to join the program?

Knowledge of English is desirable for our students. But people who do not speak English can also become our students because yoga is not only words but also spirit, feelings, and emotions.

What are the chances to start teaching after completing the courses?

If you complete the course in due course, you will be awarded a certificate approved by the Yoga Alliance USA. With the receipt of this document, you become a Certified Yoga Trainer, and you can conduct your classes anywhere in the world. You will have more opportunities to work as a volunteer with experienced teachers to help you hone your skills. Today yoga is recognized all over the world. You can spread your wings in the sky of a healthy physical and spiritual life as a yoga teacher. With this skill, you can serve human beings, bringing you joy and material well-being.

Are there any entry requirements for the course (such as experience and qualifications)?

Neither experience nor skill level is required for admission to the course. But you must be full of desire to learn yoga, and anyone can benefit from taking the course. The only necessary condition is the level of understanding and perception of the value of yoga. There are no restrictions on religious, regional, or social grounds. Academic education and other experience will help you on the path of your self-improvement. The primary purpose of this course is to clarify the meaning and show the right way both in the performance of asanas and other aspects of yoga. This course will include disciplines such as philosophy, anatomy, and teaching methodology. You will get all the necessary skills to start teaching yoga.

Where can I get study materials?

All study materials will be provided to you at our institute. All materials we provide are well designed and easy to understand. You don’t have to go anywhere to find textbooks or anything else you need to learn.

How will this affect my learning if I miss part of the class?

Knowledge gained halfway cannot be helpful. Since the course does not last long, there is no point in leaving it in the middle, and each lesson is crucial for full-fledged learning. A break of even one day can create a significant gap in your education. Therefore, 100% attendance is mandatory for everyone.

Will I have free time for other activities?

Of course, yes! We don’t work on Sundays. In addition to the day off once a week, there are also daily breaks between classes. You will have enough free time to participate in other activities.

How many people are in the class on the course?

In each group – a maximum of 15 students. Even though interest in our programs is steadily growing, we consider the quality of education our main task and do not want to sacrifice it. Therefore, we strive to increase the number of groups, not the people in the groups.

What yoga clothes do I need to bring with me?

Cotton clothing is ideal for yoga.

Do I need to bring my own Yoga Mat?

No! We provide common yoga mats.

Is a visa required for this course?

Yes! The rules and regulations of international travel require you to have a visa. Some countries do not need a visa. Check with the Indian Embassy in your country if you need a visa. India’s visa policy is not as strict as in other countries. A tourist visa will suit you, as the course duration is not long. Please make sure your visa covers the course period. Be careful.

Are essential items available?

Rishikesh is a well-developed city. Therefore, all the necessary goods can be found in the local market, close to the center. You can not worry about buying the necessary goods.

Frequently Asked Questions