7 Yoga tips for beginners

7 Yoga Tips for Beginners

7 Yoga Tips for Beginners

Are you ready to experience new realisations & awareness as your body, mind, emotions & soul come together? Here are 7 Yoga Tips for Beginners you can adopt today.

Here are 7 Yoga Tips for Beginners


1. Beginners Should Become familiar with the Poses

As you step foot onto your mat for your first beginner class, place the focus on getting familiar with the names of the poses and how to move in and out of them. Become aware of your body’s alignment.  Step into each pose without any expectations or judgement of how you look or if you are doing the pose correctly.  Listen to your body’s signals and be in the moment.

2. Mind Awareness is critical for Beginners

From the first yoga breath you take, begin to cultivate awareness. Take a moment to notice if you can tune out thoughts of the past or future.  Focus on the sound of breathing and how you feel at that very moment. Tune into the notion that each time you come into a posture, it will be a different experience. Let how you feel in that moment guide your version of your pose, not getting ahead of yourself or becoming attached to the past.

3. Beginners should Make their practice their own

Asana (the physical pose) is only one part of the eight limbs of yoga. Asana in Sanskrit means “seat” or to connect with the earth. Your yoga does not have to be a one or 1.5-hour physical class.  It can be 10 minutes of meditation or a restorative class.  It can be you lying in Savasana for half or the whole class.  Feel what your body is calling out for.

4. Connect to alignment and foundation

Each pose has a strong foundation that begins with alignment.  Once stable and aligned, you can only explore and go deeper into the pose. Begin with your foundation. Stabilise yourself by even placement of connecting your feet to the earth. Work up, engaging the muscles in your legs, aligning your spine from the base of your tailbone, spine, and neck, then out through the crown of your head.

7 Yoga Tips for Beginners

7 Yoga Tips for Beginners

5. Move with your breath

Every posture is connected to your breath. Notice your even rate of breath.  Lengthening each inhale to match the length of each eventual exhale.  Let your breath enliven your range of motion. Send your breath into each pose. With the inhale, the energetic action always lifts, reaches, creates space, and expands away from the body’s midline. With the exhale, the energetic action is folding, drawing in, and hugging into the body’s midline.

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6. It’s not the destination but the journey

Work towards flexibility.  Come into postures without strain.  The more you practice, the more open and flexible you will get.  Just because other people can reach and touch their toes does not mean you will.  And even if you have done that, you will still do that only sometimes.  The more you take time to open up and become loose in your practice, the more flexible you will be.

7. Build strength and control

With Practice comes a balance of strength and flexibility. The more you practice, the more you have an increased range of motion and breath control.  Once the two aspects are combined, your practice will take on a new quality.  You will move with light fluidity and strain to breathe or strain to endure holding a posture.  The integrity of each pose will become more robust, and the alignment will become your own. Ideally, you will cultivate your practice to your mood, body, and energy of the moment.



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