Our bodies hold onto things we think we’ve let go of. Yoga is a therapeutic practice as it unravels, breaks through, and crumbles away stuck energy.

The hips happen to hold much emotional gunk. Have you ever extended into Camel Pose only to feel a wave of rage or maybe euphoria? Have you ever folded over into a lengthy Pigeon Pose and felt tears welling up? It’s common for hip-opener yoga poses to get the best of you. Don’t hold back. Breathe and release whatever emotions you feel. The greatest gift you can give yourself is the freedom to feel and express love. It’s good for you and all beings.

Yoga is a gift I give myself each day. My yoga is an expression of self-love and self-care. When I dedicate time to my practice, I emerge mindful and more compassionate toward others and myself.

This yoga sequence is my go-to flow when I need to get loose and open up. It includes a bundle of hip-opener yoga poses that awaken the deep muscles in the hips and make me feel oh-so-good. I offer this video as a gift to you.

Key Hip Opening Yoga Flow Poses:

  • Low Lunge + High Crescent Lunge: Opens quads, hip flexors, psoas
  • Warrior 2: Opens the front of the pelvis, including hip flexors
  • Standing Pigeon: External rotation releases the hips
  • Tree Pose: Builds strength + stabilization while holding external rotation
  • Half Moon: Strengthens lateral hip muscles, opens pelvis + hip flexors
  • Mermaid: prepares the hips for a deeper pigeon pose
  • Pigeon: Deep outer hip opener, releases low back, stretches hip flexors
  • Eagle Legs/Twist: Opens lateral sides of the hip and the low back
  • Happy Baby: Stretches hips and low back

Show yourself some love and give your hips a juicy flow that will give you freedom! Share the LOVE: Please share this blog and video with a friend you feel could use some yoga + hip openers in their life.



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