Bliss after a Yoga Teacher Training



We feel so amazing on a Yoga Teacher Training. It’s the perfect place to unwind in a safe, nurturing environment surrounded by uplifting friends and inspiring teachers. Energizing yoga practices, daily meditation, and the beauty of nature all seep into our bones as we step out of the daily grind and allow ourselves to decompress and reconnect.

Mindful breathing

Breathing mindfully is powerful, and it instantly affects your well-being. Just this one simple act can be a game-changer. Breathing energizes your system with fresh oxygen to enhance Prana (our life force), immediately bringing you into the present moment. Pranayama (Sanskrit for Breathing) is a vitalizing technique you practice in Yoga Teacher Training, and its simplicity makes it perfect for building into your daily routine once you’re back home. Take ten conscious, full, deep belly breaths in the morning before you go to bed or whenever you need to. Your mind and nervous system will thank you!

Tip: Sit with a straight spine or lay flat on the floor. Place one hand on your belly and the other on your heart center. Feel your body rising and relaxing with every breath. Take less air in but with more quality. Use the breath to create space in your chest, breathing as slowly as possible. Like this, you stimulate your heart center and open your energy channels.

Keep up your Yoga practice

 Exercise! Make time in your day to drop into body awareness. You learned to reconnect to your body consciousness on Yoga TTC through regular yoga practice. Now you’ve got that feeling, don’t lose it! Even if you don’t have time for 90 mins classes (yes, those 120 mins yin yoga bliss on retreat were terrific), hop on the mat anyway. If you need to keep it short and sweet, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to show up. Setting a fixed time for this each week helps to establish a new, healthy habit. Try creating a friendly, dedicated yoga space at home or join a local studio to make it easier. This will help you stay motivated and to stick to your practice. Once you experience how amazing yoga makes you feel, you won’t be able to stop doing it!

Keep up Yoga Practice

Keep up Yoga Practice

Eat nourishing food and practice mindful eating

Food is crucial for our well-being. How we prepare and eat enhances our health and improves our state of mind. In our Yoga Teacher Training, we take more time. We have the space to slow down, eat with more awareness, and taste our food. And this is easy to adapt in our daily life as well! We can slow down, mindfully prepare and consume what we eat.

Food is energy, and consuming it also creates a specific environment for energy in your body. The best thing you can do to create a high-quality energetic environment is to consume fresh food, as it’s nutrient-packed and gives a significant boost to your cells (loving yourself from the inside out).

Tip: Buy locally and fresh, prepare your meals with love and take a moment of gratitude to say “thank you” before you eat. Chew slowly and mindfully to taste all of those different yummy flavors.

Meditate and cultivate a positive mindset

Meditation is a great way to reconnect with and balance out your mind and body. In meditation, we switch to the role of the observer. To maintain the perspective you learned on Yoga Teacher Training, encourage yourself to meditate daily. Although your environment may not be as supportive and quiet as on Yoga TTC, and you might think you have no time, it’s essential to do it anyway. You always have the time to set your mindset in a positive direction. Try creating a habit of meditating at a fixed time in the morning. Start small – even 5 minutes of conscious breathing can make a world of difference to your perspective later in the day. Don’t let the hustle and bustle suck you back into the vortex immediately. Keep your cool and meditate.

Take action!

 You most likely went on a Yoga Teacher Training program to change something, transform, grow, let go, or learn something. If you felt inspired after the Yoga TTC, please don’t lose the flow. Put your thoughts into action and apply the change you felt so guided towards on retreat. Cultivate this energy to create small daily habits that’ll help you reach your new goals. Whether it’s letting go of bad habits, exercising more, making courageous life changes, or simply being gentle to yourself and loving yourself more. Do it. You can!

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