Yin Yoga Poses: Cat Pulling Its Tail

This pose is one that we practice often and happily at Hatha Yoga World in the 200 & 300 hour yoga teacher training courses. It’s just a great pose with lots of benefits.

– Cat pulling Its Tail bring chi or prana to the spleen and stomach (earth element), gallbladder (wood element), urinary bladder and kidney (water element) meridians.

– The variation shown on the pictures will give your spine a well appreciated twist which feels nice as a counter pose after any deep forward fold or backbend.

– If you want to and if it’s available, you can grab your feet for a hamstring stretch and quad stretch at the same time.

PS. Remember benefits will only be there for us if we listen to our body and limits. Never go beyond and never feel pain.

How to practice Cat Pulling Its Tail?

Step one: Lie down on your left side. Bring your right leg out in front of you.

Step two: Wiggle your left shoulder further forward and bring both shoulders towards the floor to twist your spine.

Step three: With your right hand you can now reach towards your left foot behind you (you can use a belt or strap if you want).
For an even deeper stretch you can reach your left hand to hold your right foot in front of you.

Notes: Practice the pose on both sides and bring your knees to chest afterwards as a counter pose.

Hold the pose 2-5 min on each side.

See you on the mat!


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