Pankaj Seth

Program Director and Head Teacher - (E-RYT 500)

At the age of 13 Pankaj began his yoga journey in his birth place, the holy city of Varanasi and when he turned 15 he began teaching and sharing the ancient knowledge of Yoga. His teaching style is inspired by the Bihar School of Yoga where he completed his first yoga training with his guru. He spent many years with different yogis to experience the yogic lifestyle. Later on, Pankaj participated in yoga competitions, where contestants demonstrate transitions, skills and alignment in asanas. Pankaj won the Yoga Championships in Varanasi held by the All India Cultural Association in 2003 and 2006.

From his past experience he developed a passion for proper alignment in the asanas and Pankaj teaches Hatha Yoga with focus on adjustments. This method allows his students to experience the postures with the full benefits. As long as you are open and honest about yourself Pankaj will train you to learn how to align yourself in the asanas and listen to your body to reach your full potential. The Art of Alignment class with Pankaj is students favorite and for a good reason. In a very detailed and practical way Pankaj goes through each of the main Asanas to learn how to be aligned in the asanas and how to adjust students.

Pankaj began working with foreigners in 2003 and has a great understanding of the imbalances in the modern human mind and body. He challenges students to overcome mental and physical blockages to help to bring back balance into people's life.


Yoga Teacher - (RYT 500) (E-RYT 200)

Julie is a spiritual seeker who left her birth country Denmark at the age of 19 and found her dharma. In search for an alternative lifestyle Julie is now settled in India and has dedicated her life to share the ancient teachings and knowledge of yoga.

Julie have been taught by talented and professional teachers from all over the world with the most authentic teachings being in India. Her past studying is traditional Hatha Yoga with adjustment and alignment focus and Vinyasa.

Julie teaches Hatha Vinyasa, a mixture of holding the asanas and flowing and also Yin Yoga. She believes it is important to have a spiritual approach in the yoga practice and this way never forget the root and true essence of Yoga. The movement of Julie's classes carries a soft female energy and with a spiritual perspective Julie focuses on chakras, meditation, philosophy and breath awareness. From Julie you will also receive tools on how to create a class focusing on intentions and asana themes.

Benu Guru Ji

Philosophy Teacher

Benu is a spiritual seeker, traveler and a lover of yogis and Yoga. Benu was born in South India, Kerala. He did 25 years of modern education and accomplished his graduation in science, post-graduation in medical anatomy and basics in computer science.

In search of spiritual education and company of yogis, he left South India in the year of 2000 and moved towards the Himalayas. In 2003 Benu stayed with Swami Satyananda in his Ashram Rikhia Peeth to undergo a Gurukul tradition course. In 2007 Benu did another diploma in Yoga at University of Kerala. In 2011 he did a Yoga diploma course at Bihar School of Yoga under Swami Niranjanananda. Benu studied the basics of Vedanta under Swami Premananda for two years. In 2012 Benu did a course in Art of Living, under SRI SRI Ravishankar in his main centre in Bangalore, South India. Benu began teaching Yoga in Varanasi and Goa from 2001.

Since 2013 he has officially been working as a teacher in Pranayama and Yoga Philosophy in USA alliance registered schools across the country.

Rajnikant Singh

Yoga Teacher

Rajnikant Singh was born and grew up in Delhi. He was first drawn to the power and subtlety of the 'breath' in the form of meditation which opened him to an inner and outer calmness. His yoga journey began 4 years ago when he left his career in finance sector and fulfilled a life long ambition of becoming a yoga teacher and now teaches yoga anatomy in Rishikesh. Inspired to follow his passion further, he practised iyengar style of yoga and continued to study on deeper levels where he sighted acumen and assertion of what he had been finding on his own through practice. He merged tools like primal movement and deep relaxtion(yoga nidra, meditation and energy healing) to empower his students. He enjoy teaching musco-skeletal system and share the fascinating, beautiful and amazing facts about the human body on different levels. He is known for his unique style of teaching and ability to make things simple and easy to understand to his students. His Motto is to create awareness about understanding our mind and body, sleep, breathing patterns & diet etc. And he seeks to inspire and help his students to realize the limitless potential that already resides in them."

Dr. Amrita

Anatomy Teacher

Dr. Amrita’s journey of holistic healing started ever since she graduated in the field of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery with her post graduate specialization in Ayurvedic herbs and healing therapies of Ayurveda.

She further explored her talent with various diplomas in Yoga and naturopthy, Diet and nutrition and her studies in alternative medicine. She also studied masters of business administration with human resources as a major field to combine all her wisdom to explore the wonders of life through ayurvedic and yogic healings.