The Meridian Clock

Maximize Qi (Prana, life force) with information and knowledge about the dominant 2 hour period for each meridian (energy channel). This meridian clock shows the recommended activity, the associated organ and function of this organ. Location of the meridian is also shown and the associated element according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

To go deeper into Yin Yoga and Meridians, join the certified course Hatha Yoga World offers. Below you will find more details about Yin Yoga and the meridian clock.

The key element of the TCM system is the meridians which are channels that connect different parts of the body and allow Qi to flow properly, just like the concept of Nadis and Prana in Traditional Hatha Yoga. Each organ has different channels with different effects on the body. By stimulating these points, we can balance the energy and heal the body and mind.

Meridians are not visible but are important for our existence. Yin Yoga targets parts of the body through asanas, to stress and stimulate the fascia to open the energy channels. Meridians work as a way for transportation of Qi throughout the body.

Practicing Yin Yoga with focus on a specific meridian helps to balance the five elements by stretching different energy channels. This practice brings harmony and has profound physical, emotional and energetic benefits.

The Meridian Clock Each organ has a two-hour period where its energy dominates the body. Within this period, it is thought to be the best time to do certain activities that make the most sense according to the functioning of the organ. If health issues happen at the same time daily, looking at the meridian clock can help us find an answer to what might be happening on a Qi level inside the body. This guidance may be able to help a person deal with the issue.

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