What Is Vinyasa?

Vinyasa is a flow and movement in coordination with the breath. The flow brings a feeling of natural balance.

‘Vi’ means ‘in a special way’ and ‘Nasya’ means to place. In this case the word special is describing the intention behind the placement of the body and the logic of the movements.

Experience the beauty of listening to your body and flow from one asana to another safely, with your knowledge on adjustments and alignment which you will gain in the teacher training courses at Hatha Yoga World in Rishikesh, India.

When you know the benefits of each asana then you can build a session for yourself and students according to the different bodies and the energy you want to create. You will learn how to create a sequence in the 200 and 300 hour yoga course and this way you’ll be able to roll out you mat and flow safely.

What is Hatha?

Hatha focus is to balance the flow of Prana, meaning life force, in Ida nadi and Pingala nadi. Ida nadi represents the female energy and the Pingala nadi, represents the masculine energy. This is the duality present is every human body.

We can create balance by purifying our body through yoga practices like an asana practice. In Hatha Yoga we are seeking balance and to unite our body, mind and spirit to find absolute truth. Only through self practice these benefits will arise. There are many ways to practice Yoga, but one of the fastest ways to experience this union and purification is through our body. That’s why we practice asanas. Our body is a vessel towards experiencing all your spiritual gifts that has been located inside of us all along.

Performing asanas is about much more than just exercise, but you cannot argue with the endless benefits for our physical well being. Traditional Hatha Yoga is a practice that will make you feel light, strong and healthy. Your muscles will feel stretched, joints will be painless, internal organs will get a massage and your mind will feel clear.

At the Hatha Yoga World school in Rishikesh, India we teach traditional Hatha with focus on adjustments to be in proper alignment in the poses and to gain the full benefits on the pose. In the 200 and 300 hour Yoga teacher training courses you will learn how to be aligned yourself but also how to help others to be aligned with hands on adjustments.

Through the physical body we are transforming our whole being with Hatha Yoga. We create a flexible body to be able to sit in solitude to obtain a flexible mind. This can only be achieved without any discomfort in our body when we sit in meditation. This is the main purpose of our Yoga practice.